Chiropractic Testimonials

“After years of waking up in the middle of the night with neck spasms and lower back pain, I went to Dr. Cohen. I never again had neck spasms and only on occasion now (after lots of tennis) do I get a tight back. I’m over 50 and now only see him about every other month or so. My wife and my 4 kids have seen him and have benefited greatly. If you have back or neck pain, this is a no brainer – stop the pain – see Dr. Cohen.”

- Ken

“I first found Dr. Cohen through his radio program several years ago. His care that I received from my initial problem, that was cured. It has brought me back when other concerns came up. He listens, explains clearly treatment I will receive. After over a year of not being there he knows me. I am not just a number. His office staff are friendly and very helpful. Thank you for your great care Dr. Cohen.”

- Vivian

"After a snow skiing injury at the age of 16, I spent the next 22 years visiting multiple chiropractors, several general practitioners, osteopaths, and two orthopedic specialists. None of the doctors could help me; I suffered from pain in my legs and lower back, and I believed I would suffer for the rest of my life… until I met Dr. Cohen. In our initial consultation, Dr. Cohen told me that I needed to give him three months – two months to undo what everyone else had done to me and one month to correct my problem. And, nearly to the day, he delivered on his prediction. I have been pain-free for 26 years now. I see Dr. Cohen a handful of times per year to maintain the initial work he did. I am very thankful for his expertise."

- Susan

"No one has helped my husband as much as Dr. Cohen. He had a neck injury and Dr. Cohen is the only one who has been able to help him."

- Jennifer

"I have had migraines for five or six years, and after the second treatment from Dr. Cohen I’ve only had one mild headache."

- Josh


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