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Chiropractor Cincinnati OH Richard CohenI was no stranger to pain.  At the age of three my mother drove me from one specialist to another searching for answers.  It wasn’t until I was fourteen that a specialist arrived at a correct diagnosis; I was born with a congenital back problem.

By the time I was twenty-three, I was unable to stand for five minutes without excruciating pain; in 1984 I had spinal fusion surgery.  It was this path that led me to pursue chiropractic medicine.  In 1985 I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri.

I had the exceptional good fortune of studying under one of the finest chiropractors in my generation, Dr. Walter Vernon Pierce.  Dr. Pierce’s passion for helping others and pursuing results is what initially attracted me to him.  Part of my training was invaluable; I knew that if I could attain his knowledge and wisdom, I would also experience similar results in my own practice.

Dr. Pierce taught me many valuable lessons during my twelve years of understudy, two of which are to 1) Always pick up the phone.  Patients want to speak directly with the chiropractor, not his assistant, and 2) To reduce a patient’s insecurity concerning chiropractic care, offer a no-charge consultation; this will enable the patient to see that treatment is the key to eliminating his/her problem.

The passion for helping others, coupled with seeing quick results, led me to the PulStar computerized instrument.  I had used this technology for the past twenty years.  This instrument, along with a thorough history, x-rays, and physical examination enable me to quickly uncover a patient’s problem.  (Please review video on the home page).

If you have any questions, please call my office (513) 791-7155 and ask to speak directly to me.

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