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Are you looking for a chiropractor in Cincinnati, OH? Choosing a health care provider is a big decision. At Academy Chiropractic Clinic located at 7351 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236 we believe that education is a big part of our patients success. This article about chiropractic will give you some of the basic knowledge you need to understand what we can do for you.  This entire website is dedicated to helping the people of Cincinnati understand the full scope of what our team can do.

The vast majority of the people in Cincinnati equate chiropractic care with back pain, but the circumstances under which the science was discovered actually had little to do with back pain. The first chiropractic adjustment was performed on a deaf man resulting in the restoration of his hearing. DD Palmer believed that many conditions could be addressed by removing pressure from the nerve that was involved with the affected area. He proceeded to make this his life’s work, turning this belief into the science of chiropractic.

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